02576 - Frank Thomas

ID: 02576
Name: Frank Thomas
Sex: Male
Breed: / Pug / Pure Breed
Age: 3
Weight: 21
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: No
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $$400.00

Frank is a delightful 3 year old black pug with bedroom eyes! A typical pug, Frank is very affectionate and smart, and wants nothing more than to be with his person. Unfortunately Frank has not had the benefit of any consistency in his life, and has been in at least 3 homes. This has left Frank confused and anxious. His anxiety causes him to be very uncomfortable being crated, to the point where he claws at the bars. Although neutered, he is a marker, and while this is a difficult behavior it can be modified with training and consistency. Finally, Franks jumping ability is unrivaled. You can not leave anything on the counters with Frank around!
Frank is in a foster home with several other dogs, and while he gets along with them, he has a tendency to bully them when food is involved. Cats are ok, since his prey drive is very minor and he has been exposed to cats in the past.
Due to Frank's lack of training , Frank would not make a good first dog for anyone. He needs someone who is understanding of him, yet experienced with dog training. And Frank has indicated that while he is comfortable with other dogs, he does not like to share and would prefer to be the only dog. Frank loves attention, plays with toys and walks on a leash very well. He is very intelligent, loves food and is highly food motivated. He would do well in any class, as well as agility training. Above all, Frank will make a very loyal companion