02287 - Lulu & Gigi

ID: 02287
Name: Lulu & Gigi
Sex: Female
Breed: Yorkie/Havanese mix / Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier / Havanese
Age: 4 months
Weight: 5 LBS
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: In process
Requested Donation: $$550.00

UPDATE: 10/19/16  Hi , I am Gigi, like the model !  I am part of a bonded pair with my sister Lulu. I like to play, run and snuggle with my foster family. I like to go for walks on the leash with my sister, but I often trail behind my sister. I am the curious one who like to explore everything. I can be a little bit nervous around new things, dogs, people and plants , but once my sister checks everything out I am ok. I love to give kisses and am the first one to snuggle up on a lap. I love to play with my sister and we often get rambunctious!  We are working on being house trained.,which apparently means not pottying in the house . I sometimes forget , but I am just a puppy and accidents will happen. I make up for it with kisses and love. I a fine with the resident dogs and the human kids in my foster home, they give the best treats !

Hi, I am Lulu, cute name right?  I am the boss in this pair, and rarely exercise caution. I like to walks on the lease with my sister and I direct where we go. Can I help it if I know where I want to go?  Because of this I tend to pull on the lease, our foster Mom is working hard on slowing me down, but it is hard for this happy kid !  I too am learning to potty outside and I am having great success. Sometimes I do forget and will try to hide my accidents so as not to disappoint my foster Mom. She knows I am trying so she never gets too upset, I kiss and snuggle her afterward , she likes that.  I like to play with my sister and can pin her down for almost 2 seconds before she gets away! I don't bark often, only to let my people know someone has come into the room. Once I recognize who it is I stop. I protect my sister by barking at strangers but I never bite. That is rude !  Once I smell them and know they are ok I stop, I am good girl. We are fun, huggable, loveable puppies looking for our forever homes, is it yours?

  Lulu and Gigi are 4 month old Yorkie / Havanese mix sisters, they are a bonded pair. This adorable dynamic duo is truly inseparable, where one goes the other follows. They are never apart even if it is for a potty call. They are both tiny little love bugs, full of playful puppy exuberance. They are working on their house training but are crate trained and love walks. They are brand new to rescue, we will update more soon!  Applications are being accepted.


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