02286 - Matilda

ID: 02286
Name: Matilda
Sex: Female
Breed: / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Cocker Spaniel
Age: 6
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
Good w/Children: Unknown
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $300.00

Matilda ! What  a strikingly beautiful dog she is. At 6 or 7 she is in her prime. Spaying, dental & bath behind her, she is so gorgeous . She has the typical fear issues of a puppy mill momma who was forced to make puppies for years, with no regard for her mental state. She has come a long way but still has far to go. From having to reach in on our hands andknewws to coax her out , she now comes out readily, "must be time to go out". She takes off like a shot and skitters on the linoleum, the fear is still there but there is less. Report Card A - She never messes in her crate (now 3 wks.) A- Goes outside for potty time - all on schedule A- Loves her dog food, not a picky eater, prefers eating in her crate (I don't blame her, there's competition here with 4 dogs. B- Will eat almost anything from my hand, though the homemade pumpkin/banana cookies and chicken are favorites C- She still won't come to me, were working on that, maybe next week she'll be a c+ B- Will let me clean her face and ears A- No signs of any aggression A- Great in the car - not a sound B-She likes the other dogs, though she's faster than they are and can easily run them right over if she not careful and she really isn't very careful. Overall Matilda likes to hang out in the kitchen with the other furry ones pretty much all day. After dinner maybe a while in the crate - close by. She's curious and watchful. she startles easily outside or in. Matilda would like an exceptional family, on the quiet side with a fenced yard and at least one other dog. She is a flight risk for sure, so extra care will definitely needed for her. Patience is key and it has paid off so far. She rewards me every day with a little more trust.