01852 - Romeo

ID: 01852
Name: Romeo
Sex: Male
Breed: puggle / Pug / Beagle
Age: 2 years
Weight: 22 lbs
Good w/Dogs: No
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes [12+]
Housetrained: Yes
Requested Donation: $$300.00

Romeo is a 2 year old Pug/Beagle mix who is very energenic and adorable. He came to us as his previous owner just did not have enough enough time to spend with him. So training , rules and boundries were foreign to him.

He came to us un house trained and has done very well, not to say accidents won't happen but with consistancy and an alert eye he can be accident free. Romeo also was found to have an old injury in his to his one back leg it has since  healed but he does on occassion favor this leg if he over does it.

Romeo ignores cats and although he can be with other dogs for play , he wants to be the top dog and center of your attention. For this reason we are asking for an only dog home . Romeo has also shown some resource guarding which we are working on, but it is recommended he not be in a home with children under 12.

Romeo is a sweet comical lovebug who loves to cuddle with his person, he also is not unlike any other child, he needs love, rules, and structure to continue to become a great companion forever.