01324 - Rose

ID: 01324
Name: Rose
Sex: Female
Breed: / Pug / --Select--
Age: 5 Years
Weight: 17 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $275.00

Meet Rose. this little lady got her name from one of our volunteers who thought she was as beautiful as a rose- and she is!! Rose came to us from a breeder. She's spent her entire life in a small cage producing puppies with no regard for her own health. Even though her past has not been pleasant, Rose holds no grudges. She is loving her new life. Rose is precious! At just 19 perfect puggy pounds, she loves to trot around the backyard and her curly tail is usually wagging happily. She gets along great with other dogs and wouldn't mind a feline friend either. Rose can be a little frightened and handshy sometimes. However--- the only way to cure Rose of her fearfulness is to LOVE it away.

Rose is learning all about being a dog. She's never been given any kind of training, so her new family must be patient and understanding. Rose has made great progress already. She won't go outside on her own, but if her foster mom carries her outside, she will happily explore the yard. If you wait patiently, Rose will eventually do her business and then it's time to head back inside. Her new family must be diligent about taking her outside on a schedule and being patient to avoid accidents. She will learn but it will take time. She loves to snuggle up on a bed beside her person and take naps too. Rose has yet to show any interest in toys and can be a little picky about her treats-- but if she likes the treat you're offering-- she will hop up to get it.

Rose did see our vet for an exam and will be heading in for her spay in a few days. Rose's toes are splayed and on her front paw, she has an old blood blister. The vet knows that this has been ignored for quite some time because it has hardened and the skin has blackened and that takes months to occur. This could have been caused by getting her foot caught and pinched in her crate or by standing in excrement for long periods of time. Upon examination by our vet, it ruptured releasing some fluid. There is no simple fix for this; it will just take time. Walking on solid, non abrasive surfaces and in clean conditions will help her paw improve. Rose also has grade III/IV patella luxation in both hind legs. Rose has lived with this condition her entire life and does not experience any pain. Unfortunately, this is a genetic condition and more than likely, all of Rose's pups over the years have the same problem. Overall, Rose is in fairly good health. Patella luxation is very common in pugs and other small breeds due to overbreeding and we expect this girl to have a long, wonderful life ahead of her.

Rose will remain on medical hold until she recovers from her spay and until her foot heals. We are accepting adoption applications at any time and they can be submitted on our website.