01272 - Adele

ID: 01272
Name: Adele
Sex: Female
Breed: Corgi Mix / Corgi / Shepherd (Unknown Type)
Age: 16 Weeks
Weight: 18 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $300.00

Adele has settled into her foster home as if she's been here her whole life. This playful pup was found as a stray and taken to a rural, high kill shelter. We offered to help her find her forever home and the rest is history.

Adele is 16 weeks old and our vet feels that she is very likely a corgi mix with the face of a shepherd. Right now, she is 18 lbs of bouncing, happy puppy and we estimate that she will be 36-40lbs full grown. She is absolutely a mixed breed pup and we can't be sure of her mix, but all signs point to corgi/shepherd. She has a long body and short tree trunk legs. Adele is a pretty healthy girl. Her fecal test was positive for coccidia, an overload of organisms in the intestinal tract. This is fairly common in puppies that have been exposed to other dogs feces for prolonged periods of time. It is possible that she may have picked this up in the shelter or from her mother. We can't be sure. She is now on medication for the next 10 days and it should clear up with no problems. She has been vaccinated and her next stop at the vet will be for her spay. After that, this pretty girl is ready to pack her bags and move to her forever home.

Adele really likes the other dogs here and is quite active. In her foster home, she is able to go out to the backyard as she pleases and she very rarely has an accident inside. She is doing phenomenal for such a young pup! While we are away, she rests in her crate. She will whimper for a few minutes, but once she settles in, she is quiet at a mouse and keeps her crate clean. She is a puppy, so please remember that she is unable to hold it for long periods of time yet. A few hours is something she can handle and as she grows older, she will be able to hold it longer. We're not sure how Adele would do in a home where she is taken out on a leash. She might regress a bit in her training, so please be prepared to provide her with further training and gentle positive reinforcement if you adopt Adele.

Adele loves toys and chewies. She likes to be held and have her tummy rubbed too. She is a silly girl when playing with the other dogs and gives lots of kisses. She is very food motivated. She might have felt the sting of hunger before. She loves to eat and she loves treats. This will help with training but we do have to remind her to take her treats gently. We are working on the sit command but that has been hit and miss. She'll catch on with time.

If you'd like to adopt Adele, please remember that puppies are a lot of work and require a lot of training. She will also be with you for the next 10+ years, no matter what changes occur in your life! If you are ready to make this type of commitment to a very sweet pup, then please submit your adoption application today!