01263 - May

ID: 01263
Name: May
Sex: Female
Breed: Boxer / Boxer / --Select--
Age: 2 yrs
Weight: 50 lbs emaciated!
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: No
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: In process
Requested Donation: $275.00


May is a beautiful 2 year old Boxer who we rescued from a high kill shelter down south. May had lived a life of abuse and neglect for far too long and we were determined to save this girl and show her how wonderful life can be! May suffered from demodectic mange (not contaigious) which had gone untreated for quite some time. She was emaciated, covered in painful, bleeding scabs and in serious need of veterinary care & love. Thanks to “May's Angels,” we've been able to give May all that she needed to recover and begin her new life.


She is an amazing dog- so resilient and forgiving. Fostering May has been a pleasure, but we look forward to seeing her find her forever home and family. Once May began feeling better, her personality began to shine right through. She is a happy, wiggly boxer girl who loves absolutely everyone. May is great with children, but she can be a little jumpy when excited so older, more sturdy children would be best. She takes treats gently and is always appreciative! She walks well on a leash and LOVES to give kisses. Her tongue is almost always sticking out- ready and waiting to slap a kiss on the nearest face. She just loves to be loved. At night, she tends to think she is a lap dog. On the bright side, she is a great cuddle buddy and will certainly keep you warm as our cold New York winter approaches.


May loves the little dogs in her foster home! She loves to play, but we've also found that she is quite motherly with them. She will sit behind them at the food bowl until they are finished eating before she eats and will snuggle close to them. She is fine with larger dogs too. We think that May's foster home is the first real home that she has lived in. She had no idea about potty training when she arrived, but since she has been feeling better, we've been working diligently to teach her that outside is the place to go. May is now about 90% housebroken. She rarely has an accident inside. She does have access to the backyard at all times when we are home. She was having accidents when she was alone, but we began crate training and problem solved! Of course, her new family should expect to continue reinforcing her training but she is doing fantastic. We think she would do best with a fenced in yard. A 4ft fence is certainly sufficient as May is not a jumper or much of a barker.


May loves to take naps on the couch, run around the backyard and snuggle with her people. She is a true rescue dog who has endured more than her share of heartache, but has forgiven our kind and just wants to be loved. She loves tennis balls and riding in the car. She loves walks and trips to petsmart. She just loves this new life that she has now.


If you're looking for a real sweetheart and a deserving rescue dog, consider our beautiful girl, May. She is such a sweet, special girl who needs a home where she will be loved endlessly and never feel the sting of neglect or abuse again. If you have any questions, please email Lindsay@buffalopugs.org or visit our website to submit an adoption application!