01243 - Oddie

ID: 01243
Name: Oddie
Sex: Male
Breed: / Pug / --Select--
Age: 5 Years
Weight: 12 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: In process
Requested Donation: $275.00

Adorable little Oddie came from a breeder along with Toby, who is said to be his father. Unfortunately these handsome boys have lived a life of neglect for far too long, but all that has changed since coming into rescue.

Oddie is a handsome little prince who walks around with a silly grin on his face at all times. Its hard for us to even imagine how terrible his first 5 years of life have been. Oddie has a condition called KCS (keraconjunctivitis sicca) more commonly known as dry eye. This condition occurs when the eyes are not producing enough tears to provide necessary lubrication. KCS can cause pain, infection and even blindness when left untreated. Sadly, little Oddie has dealt with this condition for quite some time and is now mostly blind. It appears that he can see some things, but will frequently walk into things when in a new environment. Oddie will need lubricating eye drops twice daily for the rest of his life. The eye drops will not reverse the damage done, but they will help lubricate the eye, prevent further damage and ease the pain he was feeling for so long. The eye drops are relatively inexpensive and as long as a treat is to follow, Oddie doesn't mind. Oddie also has deformed front legs. He was likely born like this and our vets feel that there is nothing we can do to correct this. He does have a funny little walk and is not as stable on his feet as your average dog, but he does just fine.

Oddie doesn't let anything stop him. He makes the best of every situation and could teach people a valuable lesson about life. He never misses a beat in his foster home. He has quickly bonded with one of the female canines in his foster home and spends much of his day trying hard to keep up with her. He takes full advantage of the backyard and though he needs assistance getting onto the couch, he enjoys that too. Though it would be nice for Oddie & Toby to go to a home together, it is not a requirement. We will require that there is at least 1 other dog in the household. He would benefit from the guidance and companionship of another dog.

Right now, we are working hard on helping Oddie learn better potty habits. This has never been expected of him before, so it is something that is going to take time. He does most of his #2 outside, but does piddle in the house quite frequently. When inside, Oddie wears a belly band to minimize accidents. When he does go outside, we celebrate and he can't wait to finish going and prance back to us as we sing his praises! He is a smart little cookie, but his new family will have to be patient and committed to helping him learn better manners.

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