01178 - Wicket

ID: 01178
Name: Wicket
Sex: Male
Breed: Yorkie/Shih Tzu Mix / Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier / Shih Tzu
Age: 7 Months
Weight: 8lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: No
Requested Donation: $300.00

Wicket certainly one of a kind. He was surrendered to a high kill shelter by a breeder in Kentucky. Wicket was in rough shape, but needed help. There was no way we could say no to this little pup.

Wicket was born with several deformities. He has a “straight-leg” in the back. He does not have a knee so he uses it as a crutch. He also had ½ of the other back leg, but it was mangled and put a damper on his ability to walk, so we opted to remove it. Today, Wicket is 2+ months post-surgery and doing remarkably well.

Wicket does not know that he is any different from the others. He plays, runs and rolls around on his back. We have been working to socialize him with other dogs and he is doing wonderful. He plays with the little dogs in his foster home and went to visit his big shepherd friend the other day and had a great time running around with her! He is inquisitive when it comes to cats, but he figures out when it’s time to cut it out. He will bark and consider chasing but when the cat says enough, he responds appropriately and backs off. Wicket enjoys walks and scooting around the backyard. He also likes to snuggle on the couch with his foster family or curl up in a warm dog bed which he is happy to share with the other dogs. Wicket loves toys too and can keep himself amused for hours with toys. Don’t forget that Wicket is still very much puppy! His mobility is much improved. He walks well and can even run. He can handle 2-3 stairs at a time and has figured out a way to sit on his butt and put his paws on his foster mom’s knee while keeping his balance. There are still times where he gets ahead of himself and wipes out, but he is a tough cookie and gets right back up! He has progressed so much and we expect him to continue doing so.

We understand that Wicket is “different” and that he is not the right dog for every family, but we are holding on to the hope that there is one family or person out there that he is perfect for! He has so much love to give, and asks very little in return. Most people are discouraged by the long term effect that his ‘disabilities’ will pose. Its important to know that Wicket on the inside is extremely healthy. He will not need any ongoing care. As he ages, it is likely for him to become arthritic earlier in life than the normal dog, but that is all we expect. As of today, he is 8.8lbs of happy, playful, sweet pup. He has it all- except a family of his own. Please consider giving Wicket the forever home of his dreams. We are sure he will bring many years of laughter and lots of love into your life.