01167 - Griffith

ID: 01167
Name: Griffith
Sex: Male
Breed: Schnauzer / --Select-- / --Select--
Age: 8 Years
Weight: 20lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: In process
Requested Donation: $250

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Griffith was found as a stray in Kentucky and then taken to an overcrowded shelter. It was time for this sweet gentleman to break out of doggy jail so he made his way to NY and into our rescue!

Griffith is quite the charming little dude! He is EXCELLENT with other dogs and very tolerant of their shenanigans! He is such a good boy! When the other dogs are being wild children, Griffith just hangs out like the wise man of the group and picks the nearest person and sits beside them. Griffith loves to be pet and held. He is in SERIOUS need of a grooming. We've cut/brushed out all of his mats and once his neuter incision heals, he will be taking a trip to Paw Spings, our doggy spa for some much needed grooming and pampering.

Griffy might be 8 years old, but is in good health and has lots of pup in him. He loves to play with toys, go for walks and wag his little nub of a tail! Griffy appears to be housebroken! He holds it through the night and then rushes outside to go in the morning!

Griffith's forever family is going to be such a lucky family! Griffith is such a wonderful boy and deserves a wonderful home! Think Griffy is spiffy? Submit your adoption application today!!

Griffith is being fostered in Rochester.

Griffith's adoption donation is $175
Griffith is available through our Senior 4 Senior program! If he is adopted by a Senior (over 50), his adoption donation is $75