01150 - Mindy

ID: 01150
Name: Mindy
Sex: Female
Breed: / Wirehaired Fox Terrier / Mix
Age: 3 years
Weight: 12 lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: In process
Requested Donation: $225.00

Sweet Mindy was found running stray with Lindy in Ohio. They waited at the shelter for their family to come and claim them, but it never happened and when the shelter ran out of cages, Buffalo Pug stepped in and brought these ladies to NY.

The shelter believed that she was an affenpinscher/terrier mix but we really can't be sure. After sifting through breeds and more breeds, we've decided to call these gals scottish terrier/schipperke mixes. But, AGAIN, we can not be certain. She and Lindy bear a strong resemblance to Toto from the Wizard of Oz and though we think they are just adorable, they really need a home of their own. Mindy is good with children, other dogs that will not trample her and would probably do fine with cats as well. They don't bark much or require much grooming other than the occasional brushing. Mindy is very affectionate and friendly and is quite the lady. She will need some further work with her housebreaking, but is very smart and eager to please so it shouldn't be a problem with the right family.

We think Mindy has it all- except for a forever home! Think Mindy has found her home with you? Submit your adoption application today!