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ID: 01065Age: 1 YearGood with cats: No to playfulStatus: Adopted
Name: TangoWeight: 61 lbsGood with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: Rottweiler Good with children: YesLocation: Buffalo
Sex: MaleHousebroken: YesSenior 4 Senior: No
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Tango is just about 20 lbs to big for our standards however the he really needs a home and has had a hard time finding one without Buffalo Pugs help so as kind as they are they accepted him in the rescue! Tango was a surrender from a man who was homeless and drank a lot, poor Tango did not have a roof over his head or a warm place to sleep either! He also had to go without food!

Tango is a 1 1/2 year old, neutered male Rottweiler, 61 pounds - full grown.

He has lots of (puppy?) energy, and needs exercise EVERY DAY. In addition to the exercise you'll need to give him, he has a medium-sized ball that he plays with/chases, happily, all by himself, so a fenced in yard is important for him. How many dogs do you know who play by themself? He's one of a kind! :) It would be GREAT for him if he could do "agility" training - he's very athletic!

He is people/dog dominant - NOT AGGRESSIVE - once introduced properly to another dog, he LOVES to play "chase and wrestle". (His best friend, at present, is a year old German Shepard female who is also very dominant, and to whom he submits, when necessary, rather than "fight".) He has always greeted strangers, on our morning walks, with complete friendliness - young people, too.

Because he is a "dominant" boy, he needs a FIRM BUT LOVING hand. If he becomes too "energetic/dominant", putting him in a "sit" and saying "good boy" generally calms him down. Petting him, once he's "calm", helps keep him calm. "Good boy" goes a long way with him in any and all situations! :) When his tail "nub" starts wagging furiously, he's in a hyper state and needs to "sit" and calm down.

He knows "sit", "down", "stay", and "come", and generally walks well on a leash. If he starts to pull on the leash, reversing direction for a few stops and then going back the way you were walking works perfectly. He has learned to "sit and wait" while the "human" precedes him in or out of a door. This is an important "deference" thing you need to keep up.

He is completely house-broken, and used to going into his crate when you wish it. He is completely trustworthy out of his crate - even when no one is around. To be honest, we've never left him alone for longer than 4 hours, but we've never closed the door to his crate, he's always free to roam at night, and he's never chewed anything or done anything destructive.

The reason he's available for adoption is because after he was "rescued" from a homeless man, who was somewhat abusive and couldn't feed him, we "adopted" him, thinking we were ready to have another dog, after the death of our beloved Buddy. We were NOT ready, and I don't think we ever will be.

Tango is being fostered in Buffalo

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Tango's adoption donation is 275.00

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