01060 - Molly Sue

ID: 01060
Name: Molly Sue
Sex: Female
Breed: Pug/English Bulldog Mix / --Select-- / --Select--
Age: 11 months
Weight: 28lbs
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: No
Good w/Children: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Requested Donation: $250

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Molly Sue is a beautiful Pug/English Bulldog Mix. She is almost a year old and 30 lbs of Sweetness! She was surrendered to Buffalo Pugs by her owners, and we think she can tell her story best...

"Well Hello There! I am so happy to be with Buffalo Pugs and well on my way to finding my forever home! My foster mom keeps telling me that she's going to find me the best of the best and I absolutely believe her. I do like it here. There are 4 other dogs for me to play with and although we are a motley crew, we have all become good friends. I share my toys well with them, and we play musical bowls at supper time. I don't mind that, sometimes the bowl to the right tastes better! I saw this furry thing run by me the other day and wasn't sure what to make of it. My foster mom says thats a kitty. Whatever a kitty is, I don't think I like them so much. I really like kids though! My foster mom thinks I'd do better with kids 8+. We went to the adoption center and the pet store today and I got to play with a whole bunch of kids! It was great and so were the nice ladies at the pet store that stopped to pet me!

This forever home thing sounds pretty great, but there are a few special things that I'd like. I'll take a mom or dad or both and maybe a fur-brother or sister or two! Someone once told me to go poddy outside and I listened, but maybe you could have a fence around your yard? I'd really like that! A girl needs a little privacy when doing her business! And, I really like to run so I think it would be a great idea! Also, I'd like someone like my foster mom or dad, thats not worried about a little dog fur on their sweatpants and someone that will snuggle on the couch with me at night. I do sleep quietly in my crate, but I'd really appreciate a blanket to keep cozy in. I'm working hard on my leash manners. My mom has been taking me on lots of walks so that I can learn to not pull, but sometimes I just get so excited and I get twinkle toes and yank! mmmmm and I love my treats, especially the healthy ones. I've decided that its best to start watching my figure now, rather than regretting it later. Yapple-Nanas and buscuits with benefits are good stuff! My mom always corrects me when I take treats too roughly and I assure you, I am trying hard not to do that, but they are just so yummy. I hope I don't look like that goofy dog on the beggin strips commercial. That would be embarrassing! My foster mom thinks that I should find a forever family that is going to continue working with me and she's usually right! Hopefully you are out there somewhere. I'd really like to have a home of my own. Please submit your application for me today, so my foster mom can get in touch with you!"

Molly Sue is being fostered in Rochester.

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Molly Sue has been ADOPTED!