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ID: 00332Age: 5Good with cats: YesStatus: Adopted
Name: MunchieWeight: 21Good with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: PugGood with children: UnknownLocation: Rochester
Sex: FemaleHousebroken: In processSenior 4 Senior: No

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This sad face belongs to little Munchie. She really isn't as sad as she looks, but she didn't want to smile for the camera because she still wasn't sure if she was going to have to go back to that terrible puppymill where all she did was pump out litter after litter of babies. She sure does smile now though, because she realizes that her life will be that of a spoiled princess forevermore.

Munchie is a wonderful girl who is quickly learning what it is like to live in a house. She wants only to please and be by your side, won't you help her?

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Munchie has been ADOPTED!

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