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ID: 00254Age: 2 YrsGood with cats: UnknownStatus: Adopted
Name: FredWeight: 12 LbsGood with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: Shih-TzuGood with children: YesLocation: Rochester
Sex: MaleHousebroken: In processSenior 4 Senior: No

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Update 10/29/05: Guess who is back again? Our little Freddie has been returned because for some unknown reason, he did not like the man of the house where he was adopted and would not bond with him. We do not think that Fred has a thing against men at all, but we do think that there may have been something about that particular man that perhaps reminded Fred of someone from his past. I have met Fred personally and he never had issue with me. Needless to say, we would now like to place him in a home that has a secure fenced in yard (due to his tendency to evacuate the premisis) and either in a home with no men, or a home with a man who will take the time to meet Fred first to see how things go. Fred is a sweetie that truly deserves a forever home, so, if you are not serious about him and do not want to work through any issues he may have in regard to running or not bonding with a man, then please don't apply... his next home needs to be his forever home.

Update 9/14/05: Fred was adopted to an elderly lady with high blood pressure... she loved him dearly. One day, he decided to bolt out the front door as she opened it and was gone for about 1.5 weeks again! This little guy just can not keep his butt where it belongs. He is the sweetest little love of a guy who has grown more and more loveable each time he has gone missing, but we really need to find him a home where a fenced in yard exists and where much attention will be paid to him when doors are open in the home. If you think you can contain all of Fred's love, then apply today, you won't be sorry!

Update 7/10/05: Fred did come up missing for about a week and a half. He decided to run out the door on someone... because of that situation, we need to find an adopter who will be cautious about Fred and careful not to let him near the front door when it is open. He was retrieved about 1.5 weeks later, and seems to have changed into the sweetest most appreciative dog! He is much less frightened now than he was when he first came into rescue. It appears he has made some serious character changes during his time away! He is such a sweet and loving little guy and someone will be very lucky to have him!

Original Posting: Fred is a pure bred shih-tzu with a cute little underbite that makes him seem so silly! He is 2 years old and the poor guy has lived all of those years in a puppymill where his sole purpose was to live in a cage and breed whenever he was needed to do so. While he is extremely sweet and loveable in nature, Fred will need some time to adjust to being free... he does not understand that there was a better life for him out there, so he is at times a bit nervous and afraid. Fred needs someone who will give him the love and attention he needs and who will understand his needs for patience and understanding. He will make someone very proud one day, and it won't be because he sired 100 litters of pups! If you want to love this cute face, apply today!

Fred has been ADOPTED!

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