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ID: 00234Age: 8 MonthsGood with cats: NoStatus: Adopted
Name: BaxterWeight: 12 LbsGood with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGood with children: YesLocation: Rochester
Sex: MaleHousebroken: YesSenior 4 Senior: No

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Baxter is a great 8 month old pup. He is smart, mostly housebroken (probably will be completely housebroken by the time adoption occurs) and neutered. He loves to take walks and is great on a leash. He does not like the crate when left alone, probably because he was in it all day and night. He does sleep in one though but only after some initial crying. He does need some basic behavioral training (not professionally, just basics the adopter can teach)because he is still exhibiting puppy behaviors. While Baxter does get along with other dogs, he wants all of the attention that humans offer, so would probably do better in a home with no other dogs. He is very friendly and loves kids. Unlike most JRTs, Baxter, believe it or not, is far from hyper. He doesn't even like to stay outside without someone with him for very long periods. We would like to see a potential adopter have a securely fenced yard because Baxter is very curious and quite the contortionist... he can fit through all kinds of things! Above all else, he is all about his people. If you want to become Baxter's person, apply today!

Baxter has been ADOPTED!

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