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ID: 00159Age: 2 YrsGood with cats: Thinks its FUN to chase catsStatus: Adopted
Name: KricketWeight: 13 LbsGood with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: Norwich Terrier MixGood with children: YesLocation: Rochester
Sex: FemaleHousebroken: For the most part. Has made occassional mistake. Senior 4 Senior: No

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Kricket is a dynamic Norwich terrier cross who could be a circus acrobat. She is tremendously active and always ready to play. She jumps, she flies and she turns somersaults. Her spirited antics delight children and her foster's daughter actually said "Mom, Kricket is the best foster we've ever had." These terriers have a wiry weather proof coat so they don't shed too much. They are highly alert, intelligent and loyal to their families. Kricket needs an active family who will not leave her alone for long periods of time.

Kricket has been ADOPTED!

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