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ID: 00157Age: 5 MonthsGood with cats: YesStatus: Adopted
Name: BelleWeight: 5 LbsGood with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: Yorkshire TerrierGood with children: YesLocation: Rochester
Sex: FemaleHousebroken: NoSenior 4 Senior: No

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Belle is a little sweetheart of a girl. She was purchased from a breeder in Georgia and brought up to Western New York. Her new family discovered that little miss Belle was partially blind and had no peripheral vision. Because they had every intent to breed Belle, they decided instead that she was a discardable life because she was not perfect and basically unbreedable. This little girl has a lot of spunk and plenty of love to give... she enjoys playing and being with both people, kids and other doggies her size. Her bad eyesight does not hinder her in the least and she will make some family very proud!

Belle has been ADOPTED!

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