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ID: 00022Age: 1 YrGood with cats: YesStatus: Adopted
Name: LadyWeight: 14 LbsGood with dogs: YesRequested Donation: $250
Breed: Lundehund MixGood with children: YesLocation: Rochester
Sex: FemaleHousebroken: noSenior 4 Senior: No

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Lady is being fostered in Rochester by Donna, she writes: I dare you to look into these soft brown eyes and say no to this sweet, precious little girl. Lady came to us at the end of a long day of riding in the car only one day after she had been spayed and had her back dew claws removed. She was very tired and scared. All she wanted was for someone to hold and cuddle her. She is a very petite little girl. I don't know what her life was like before this but she is not comfortable with a leash nor is she house trained. We are working on these things. She is quite nervous around my dogs and cats but has shown no aggression at all. She is wary of most people but will sit happily and quietly on any lap that welcomes her, including that of my seven year old son. When I hold her she relaxes and will even let me rub her tummy. She enjoys the outdoors but needs some coaxing to come back in. I think this is because at this time she is still quite nervous. She stays in our kitchen at night and whenever we are not at home. She rarely barks and has shown no signs of trying to dig her way out of our fenced yard. She is so cute! When I talk to her she dances around tapping her toes with excitement. She will make a wonderful companion for a person or family. She would do great in an apartment or house. If you are a loving and patient person/family looking for a new little someone to love then Lady is just the girl for you!!

UPDATE 11/23/03 Lady is such a cutie. She is quite a playful little girl. She loves to play with my little dachshund and the two of them rip and tear all over the house. She continues to be nervous around us when we are standing but will come running to us when we sit down and climb up on our laps for a snuggle. She is still working on her housebreaking but uses our pet door all the time and indoor accidents are becoming fewer and far between! She is still uncomfortable when I put on her leash but does get better once we start our walk. When I look at her pretty face I think she may have some Corgi in her. Lady is a very mild mannered dog and has never shown the slightest sign of agression to any one. She is really eager to find her own forever home soon. Maybe you can open your heart and your home and welcome this little sweetheart into them.

Lady has been ADOPTED!

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